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Pennsylvania Deserves Better!

The time has come to hold our representatives in Harrisburg accountable for their actions.  Budgets are routinely late.  Some departments, not the legislature of course, have seen their budgets cut so much that they are barely effective.  We are near the bottom of the country when it comes to state funding of schools and higher education.  And, we will have to pay off the growing unfunded pension liability that is already over $72 Billion.  

The current representative of the 100th is a leader in the State House and wants to be the Majority Leader if he is reelected.  Only representatives who feel completely safe in their position even consider taking such a post.  It's time to send a clear message to everyone in Harrisburg that they are on notice and that we are watching their actions.  Send me, Dale Hamby, to Harrisburg this fall and that message will be loud and clear!


Tuesday, June 19, 2018 1:20 PM

Campaign Kickoff Event

The Elect Dale Hamby is holding a kickoff meeting at the George Street Cafe in Millersville at 6:30 pm, June 19th.  

Committee to Elect Dale Hamby, Jim Stager, Treasurer
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